About Me

I am a happily married father of 3 boys and a dog who grew up on the North Side of Chicago.  I moved to the New Lenox/Manhattan area over 15 years ago in a quest for open spaces and friendly neighbors.  I got much more than I bargained for when I fell in love with the area and became fascinated by the local Real Estate market.  I am also a Cub Scout leader in my local Pack with one of my sons who is still active in Cubs Scouts and two more in Boy Scouts.  My frustration with the local Real Estate market that was seriously under services became a focal point for my passions.  Now, after a successful career in the technology industry, I decided that it was time to throw in the towel and do what I truly enjoy and try and make a difference.  Now with Village Realty, I have found an environment that let's me meet new people and help them find their happy place.  Whether that happy place is a new home, rental or just the selling of a residence no longer needed or wanted, I enjoy the challenge of making the perfect match, which feeds my passion quite nicely.